Home Improvement For You


So you’re daydreaming about that big remodel? Well, while you’re day dreaming there are reasons you may want to hop on it right now. Here we’ll go through several reasons why now is the prime time to get it done and why you may not be able to do it at all if you procrastinate.

You’ll need a contractor to do the majority, if not all, the heavy work and obtain permits when necessary. But having a permit is not a guarantee that you’ll be able to get it done straight away. Contractor schedules are filling up now so it’s best you get it in while you can even if you are still in process of obtaining permits.

Home Improvement Rates are Low
Right now, home improvement rates are at an all-time low. In some states that are at a 5.63% with a term of 10 years. This is lower than years past. So, if you have some extra change coming down the pike, you may want to strike out now.

Low Material Costs
As it stands before the summer–material costs are low. Once the summer arrives and those schedules fill up, you will be on the business end of a very expensive endeavor. Get it all in now while the cost of supplies is low and the schedules are empty.

Be Real Estate Ready
With the real estate market coming to a boil–you may want that home to be market ready. Now is the time to get it all done and take the time to figure out all the things you need to do to up the resale value of the home you’re in.

Enjoy the home for the season
Your new home can be enjoyed on a new deck or patio in time for the summer! This is one of the top renovations and remodeling that takes place in the spring. It’s a great time to prepare for celebrations at the pool and outdoors as well as the new patio and BBQ area. The sky is the limit and the key is to have it all in at the right time.

Make sure you collaborate with all the decision–makers in the family and have a strategic plan in place in a timely manner. In no time, success and remodeling happiness will be yours as well as your happy resale profit.

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